ICE WaRM’s achievements have been recognised through a series of highly-regarded awards from the water industry and higher education organisations.

Among the major awards ICE WaRM has received are:

  • 2017: AWA Premier’s Water Medal to Richard Hopkins former ICE WaRM CEO
  • 2017:  WIA SA Water Leadership Award to Andrew Johnson, ICE WaRM Executive Sector Specialist
  • 2014:  WIA Chairman’s Award to Karlene Maywald, ICE WaRM Board Member
  • 2013:  WIA Chairman’s Award to Richard Hopkins, ICE WaRM Chief Executive
  • 2011:  WIA Chairman’s Award to Mike Terlet, ICE WaRM Chair
  • 2011:  WIA Alliancing Award
  • 2009:  WIA Proven Exporter Award
  • 2008:  AaeE Collaboration Award
  • 2007:  Business-Higher Education Round Table International Collaboration Award
  • 2007:  WIA Emerging Exporter Award
  • 2006:  WIA Collaborative Teaming
H2O Hero Award

We are pleased to be part of Bushman Tank’s H2O Hero program, which recognises efforts to support sustainable water management.

H2O Hero: Gold Water-Saving Award