Professional Development Programmes

ICE WaRM offers customised Professional Development Programmes (PDPs) aimed at both mid-career and younger water professionals. These enable international groups to access Australia’s unique capabilities in water management practices, and to compare and share their own joint experiences.

Each programme is tailored in content and duration to meet specific partner needs, and can include, for example, components of English language training, academic studies (using elements from formal award courses), short courses, industry placements, participatory workshops and structured field visits and discussions addressing both technical and non-technical issues. Often the programmes are designed to feature participants from multiple countries or perhaps different provinces/states or various types of institution from within the same country.

ICE WaRM is the principal facilitator in these initiatives, fully supporting the international effort to engage in ‘trans-boundary’ education and multi-way collaboration between countries, provinces/states, administration and professional disciplines that face similar challenges in water resources management.

For more information on Professional Development Programmes, contact ICE WaRM.