High Level Short Programmes

High Level Short Programmes for senior policy setters and decision makers aim at showcasing Australia’s unique approaches to water resources management and are conducted at learning centres and on-site across Australia at any time during the year.

ICE WaRM can arrange and tailor High Level Short Programmes relevant to specific areas of interest that demonstrate policy applications and emerging technologies in water-related fields, for example water quality, water and irrigation reform processes, environmental issues, the management of wetlands, water recycling and water re-use systems.

The programmes are particularly designed for high level managers and senior leaders who can spare only a limited amount of time for international travel to Australia. They are thus highly intensive throughout the programme.

ICE WaRM has been particularly successful in hosting technical High Level Short Programmes for high-level decision-makers from countries and territories undergoing varying degrees of reform in various aspects of water management policies and practices.  An intense and highly structured programme arranged by ICE WaRM will include observation of water resources management in practice in basin-wide settings and the establishment of linkages with relevant organisations.

A High Level Short Programmes enable the participants to:

  • Develop an appreciation of the water reform process, including new technologies, new methodologies and new approaches to integrated water resources management at national and regional levels.
  • Initiate two-way relationships between counterpart professionals in their home region and Australia who influence policy by making decisions or providing advice on water management.
  • Establish enduring linkages with relevant organisations.
  • Experience firsthand exposure to leading-edge, pure and applied research in technical, economic, social, environmental and institutional areas relevant to the water sector, as conducted by a selection of Australian universities, CRCs and CSIRO.
  • Develop relationships facilitating the import and export of desired technologies, water management solutions and products between their home region and Australia.

As senior leaders, and through their experience in Australia, participants become better placed to influence the strategic and operational direction of their organisation and to build upon the new networks established. The intensive exposure to water resources management issues can then be used to benefit their home organisation and the wider society upon return.

To learn more about High Level Short Programmes, contact ICE WaRM.