Holistic Water Resources Management for Effective Water Supply and Sanitation

Dates: 30 April – 24 May 2015

Number of Fellows: 18

Country(s) of origin: Indonesia

Indonesia had recent success achieving economic growth and democratic change but is still afflicted by poverty. About 120 million Indonesians do not have access to safe drinking water while about 110 million do not have adequate sanitation. This programme was designed with this development context in mind. Bringing together Indonesian mid-career professionals in leadership positions or with strong leadership potential, programme addressed issues of water supply and sanitation. The programme also contributed to the development of a critical mass of leaders within participating Indonesian organisations, especially within Government planning arms, but equally importantly, within implementing agencies and academic institutions, at National, Provincial and Regional levels. Over time, this progressive capacity strengthening at the leadership level will help ensure effective implementation of sustainable water and sanitation approaches in Indonesia, able to respond collectively and rapidly to new challenges and embrace change.