The Mekong Sub-region PDP IN Integrated Groundwater Management

Dates: 19 July – 29 August 2009

Number of Fellows: 21

Country(s) of origin: Cambodia, Lao PDP, Thailand, Vietnam

Fellows gained knowledge and technical skills in groundwater science and modelling, water policy and governance, integrated catchment management, knowledge transfer and leadership.

The programme was designed to strengthen research, policy and education programmes in groundwater management in the region and better equip decision makers with the knowledge and skills to improve in this area, through theoretical learning and site visits to Australian research institutions and water authorities, as well as facilitating collaboration within the Mekong river region, thus supporting already identified priorities at the commencement of ICBP’s 2009 -2013 implementation period. ICBP’s overall objective was to develop a critical mass of human resources at MRCS, the NMCs and Line Agencies, ensuring effective and sustainable development of the water and environmental resources in the Lower Mekong basin in line with the shared concept of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).