Alumni Feature in International Water Conference

Saturday, 5 December, 2009

ICE WaRM’s aim to assist the development of future leaders in water resources management has been demonstrated, and further encouraged, by the prominent roles played by ICE WaRM alumni at the Fourth International Yellow River Forum held in Zhengzhou, China in October.

Former ICE WaRM students and fellows were active in most technical sessions, contributing content as well as convening and coordinating inputs, including delivery in English.ICE WaRM Chief Executive Richard Hopkins and International Partnerships Manager Mike Seager facilitated a short session on water resources management education and training at the conference, which attracted hundreds of delegates from across the Asia-Pacific region. Four alumni initiated the discussion with short presentations, and coordinated the group work.

The participatory session particularly focused on cross-boundary approaches to education and training and was part of the China-Australia Day organised by AusAID.

The Forum, a major bi-annual international event, was organised by the Yellow River Conservancy Commission, a long-term ICE WaRM partner.

As part of the same overseas visit, ICE WaRM also followed up recent training activities in Australia with a series of meetings with existing and proposed partner organisations in China and Lao PDR.