Essential Water Webinar Series

Essential Water 

A Webinar series by ICE WaRM


Seminar 1 – An introduction to water management

This is the first in a series of webinars to introduce people to water science and management.  It is designed for a broad audience, including those involved in water policy or management but without technical expertise, those who wish to expand their knowledge to areas outside their expertise, young water professionals and members of the community wishing to understand water policy and making.

These webinars are an introductory refresher and partly an update on current thinking and practice on water management issues.

When: Thursday 4th March, 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm (AEST)

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Juanita Moolman is a Hydrologist and Spatial Scientist with more than 30 years’ experience in the water resources sector.

Dr Geoff Adams an experienced hydrologist, water system modeller, model developer, water system operator and water system manager with over 30 years experience in the field.

Geoff and Juanita have extensive experience applying the principles of water resources management within Australia as well as internationally including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and South Africa.

Essential Water seminar series

Water is critical to life – integral to all social, economic and environmental activities.  Water underpins food production, electricity generation, livelihoods, life in cities and human health.  SDG 6 targets water and sanitation for all, but water is critical to achieve all the SDGs.

When asked to identify the greatest risks to economies and societies for the next ten years, global leaders from multiple sectors identified water crises as the most prominent risk”.[1]

“By 2050, at least one in four people will live in a country where the lack of fresh water will be chronic or recurrent. He further noted that: 40% of the world’s people are affected by water scarcity; 80% of wastewater is discharged untreated into the environment; and more than 90% of disasters are water-related. More than two billion people lack access to safe water and more than 4.5 billion people lack adequate sanitation services”[2]

Whether you are involved directly in water or not, the emerging water crisis will have widespread impacts.  Here is the opportunity to build your knowledge and broad understanding of the challenge of water for all.

An Introduction to Water Management


Juanita Moolman BSc(Hons) Hyd, BSc(Hons) / MSc Geog. Snr Hydrologist, eWater

Juanita is a hydrologist, water system modeller and spatial scientist with 30+ years’ experience in the water resources sector, within Australia as well as internationally.

Her involvement in projects has included applying hydrological modelling in various river basins, nationally as well as internationally; assessing land use change; reporting on water quality and the factors affecting water quality in catchments; monitoring network design; the provision of automated spatial solutions for aquatic habitat assessments; and reporting to support catchment- and national-scale decision making. These required working in multidisciplinary teams with peers from various organisations to achieve technical solutions, both locally and internationally, as well as supporting extensive capacity building events. Juanita spent 24 years with the South African Department of Water Affairs and has also worked for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Dr Geoff Adams BEng (Civil), MEngSci, PhD, MIEAust, CPEng

Geoff Adams is the Technical Director for development of the National Hydrological Modelling Platform – Source.  He also instructs in the use of Source, water system modelling, and hydrological modelling.

Geoffrey is an experienced hydrologist, water system modeller, model developer, water system operator and water system manager with over 30 years experience in these fields. He has extensive experience in both managing and modelling water systems for multi-objective purposes, including urban and rural water supply, hydro-electric power and environmental requirements.  He has been involved with the management and modelling of water systems involving different jurisdictions and different owners.  He has also delivered numerous training courses and seminars in water management and modelling.

Moderator: B Env Sci, MNRM, Communications Manager, ICEWaRM.

Trudy has worked in water resource management and policy for 20 years. A diverse range of experience across the water industry, including in urban water and wastewater management, catchment management, river operations and water policy.


2:30 pmWelcome & IntroductionsTrudy Green
2:40 pmIntroduction to water managementJuanita Moolman & Geoff Adams
3:10 pmQuestion & Answermoderated by Trudy Green
3:25 pmClosing remarksTrudy Green


[1] Turbulent Waters – World Bank 2017 –

[2] UN Secretary General Antonio Guterras – remarks made on 22 March 2018 – World Water Day