From the CEO

Thursday, 31 July, 2008

Richard-HopkinsRecently-unveiled national policies on the Murray-Darling and climate change have underlined the importance of the sector we work in. Australia’s water resources have never been a higher priority – and ICE WaRM is working on the introduction of imaginative initiatives to address the pressing challenges facing our society.

Education and training are vital elements in addressing critical water management issues – and ICE WaRM, in collaboration with our university partners and other major stakeholders, is significantly increasing the flow of opportunities for students and professionals to expand their skills.

ICE WaRM has received a grant from the Commonwealth Department of Climate Change to expand the innovative Master of Water Resources Management Programmes, which have been offered through our partner universities since 2006.

The grant will fund the inclusion of new sustainability and climate change elements in the programmes.

At the same time, ICE WaRM is developing a Water Planning programme in association with the National Water Commission. Applications for scholarships in these programmes, which will start in 2009, will open in the next couple of months.

ICE WaRM has a prominent role in addressing the water industry skills shortage through a national audit and strategy development project we are undertaking.

ICE WaRM continues to build strong and valuable international networks – particularly in the Asia Pacific region – which, over the years, will significantly improve water resources management techniques and technology in countries with rapidly-developing economies.

As this edition of e-news is issued, we are hosting a Professional Development Programme in Australia for 45 future leaders of water management in Vietnam, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Thailand, with support from the AusAid Australian Leadership Awards.