ICE WaRM Event Links Science and Water Policy

Thursday, 20 November, 2008

KARLENE_MAYWALDThe foundations have been laid to more closely link scientific research and water management policy, following an important international conference staged by ICE WaRM in Adelaide in November.

National Water Commission Chair and Chief Executive Ken Matthews, South Australian Minister for the River Murray and Water Security the Hon Karlene Maywald and Steve Topping from the Manitoba Water Stewardship in Canada – were among 12 Australian and international speakers at the event, which attracted more than 100 delegates.

The conference – themed ‘Linking Science to Water Policy’ and staged by ICE WaRM, the Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation and the Chief Scientist of South Australia – emphasised that scientific research should explore practical water management issues and should be a key factor in water policy development.

It also found that community involvement is essential in creating future water management policies.

Among the key conclusions of the conference were calls for evidence-based decision-making, more scientific briefings for policy makers, increased understanding of policy objectives among scientists, recognising the need for adaptive management, as well as clear policy development and monitoring.

For more information on the conference and presenters, or to download presentations, please see below.

Hon Karlene Maywald MP – Science and the river: a political perspective

Ken Matthews – Linking science to water policy

Steve Topping – Manitoba’s progress towards ‘living with the red’

Rhonda McDougal – Integrated watershed management for aquatic ecosystem health

David Paton – The Coorong: science and policies

Frances Simes – Pike: it’s a place not a fish

Darren Willis – Developing new knowledge

Wayne Meyer – A researcher perspective: defining a new policy and science relationship

Ann Shaw Rungie – Science and water policy: observations from the field