Rajasthan Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The South Australian Government is awarding a highly-qualified Indian Citizen a fellowship worth $10,000.

  • Highly-qualified students commencing or continuing postgraduate studies at either Masters or PhD level
  • Post-PhD individuals wanting to participate in research and advance their scientific knowledge in water resources management
  • Suitably qualified experts to undertake a short-term placement or study tour.

Is an MOU with the host required?

No. Ideally a relationship with the host organisation will exist, but if not, ICE WaRM can assist with introductions to appropriate organisations.

How long is the fellowship?

There is no set duration for this award. The grant can be used for study/travel/living expenses and the awarding of the fellowship does not preclude awardees obtaining funds from other sources.

What is considered to be a suitable host?

The host organisation must be based in South Australia as this is a South Australian Government initiative. The host should operate in the water sector, and they should be in a field that is beneficial to the Rajasthan International Centre of Excellence in Water Resource Management. Some examples of suitable hosts are as follows:

  • CSIRO – Waite Institute
  • Flinders University – National Centre for Groundwater Training and Research
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • Australian Water Quality Centre

Do you need a PhD to apply?

No, you do not need a PhD, nor be a PhD candidate, but will need to be a ‘suitably qualified expert’ in the water field.

Is the commencement date flexible?

Yes the commencement of your fellowship (should you be successful) is flexible, and will be negotiated by ICE WaRM.