Renewing Water Resources Management in South Africa

Sunday, 9 March, 2008

Dr Mark Dent from the University of KwaZulu in Natal highlighted South Africa ’s acclaimed water and natural resources management policies during a six city lecture tour in February and early March sponsored by ICE WaRM.

He also exposed many of the current problems in implementing those policies in his presentation titled “Renewing Water Resources Management in South Africa – Changing Role, Form and Context For Science”.

Dr Dent said he has been privileged to experience and witness many changes. These include the advent of computer simulation modeling, the internet, GIS, the birth of a democratic and its subsequent struggles with itself, the growing world consciousness to global climate change, alarming environment degradation and also the recognition of the dangers in the growing gap over natural resource sharing between rich and poor.

In these changes have stimulated world acclaimed policy and legislation in water and natural resources management and, at the same time, shown up severe deficiencies in ’s ability to implement these policies.

Against this backdrop significant dynamics have occurred in the realm of water related expertise that is so desperately needed in the socio-scientific learning associated with integrated water resources management.