Unlock the full potential of HEC-RAS

Update your skills and hydraulic modelling proficiency with ICE WaRM’s Hydrologic Engineering Center’s (CEIWR-HEC) River Analysis System (HEC-RAS) Water Modelling Course.

Widely used throughout the world, HEC-RAS is recognised as an industry standard hydraulic modelling program. ICE WaRM’s course will cover basic, intermediate and advanced levels across both 1D and 2D and you can tailor your attendance to suit your individual learning needs.

hec-ras-particle-tracing-manual-kpriceThrough the release of Version 5.0 you can now directly model the hydraulic effect of cross section shape changes, bends, and other two-dimensional aspects of flow. Our experts will demonstrate two-dimensional floodplain modelling as well as unsteady sediment transport, bank erosion, water quality, and the RAS Mapper GIS interface.

Let Robert Keller, who has over thirty years of experience in Civil Engineering Hydraulics, and Krey Price, an engineer whose career includes 15 years developing hydraulic models for the US Army Corps of Engineers, demonstrate the latest HEC-RAS capabilities and answer your questions to ensure you can unlock the full potential of HEC-RAS.

For further information visit the Australian Water School website.