The Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust are hosting the water event of the year in Canberra on 22nd May 2020!

#WaterREvolution will be an event like no other for the water and environment sector.  To create the water future that we want, to ensure the health of our global environment, we need to come together from all disciplines and all walks of life, we need to think and act and connect differently, and we need to do it now!

The Peter Cullen Trust works with scientists, policy makers and political leaders to bridge science, people and the environment through funding and facilitating programs that contribute to improved rural and urban water management in Australia. To create this momentous gathering The Trust has partnered with the Future Crunch presentation team, who combine exploration of what is happening on the frontiers of science and technology with an intelligent, courageous optimism about the future.

#WaterREvolution will be a full day of creative communication that unites diverse and passionate hearts and minds to precipitate a new paradigm in human-water relations. Weaving together science and storytelling, analysis and performance, #waterREvolution aims to kickstart the evolving approaches and communal momentum needed to safeguard the very liquid of life.

Register here https://www.waterevolution.com.au/